Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A resolution that has nothing to do with the new year

After hearing the name mentioned on another blog I read, I decided to look up some information on a DVD called Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. I wasn't even sure who Jillian Michaels was, but I also looked her up and she is from the show The Biggest Loser. I got myself a copy of the DVD a couple of days ago and started psyching myself up to give it a try. It is a 30 day program and there are three levels. I gather you do each one for ten days. I was watching it a little just to get an idea of what I was potentially getting myself into, and it looks tough! However I found a few before and after pictures online and was impressed with the results I saw. Yesterday I mentioned my thoughts of doing this to one of my coworkers and she was all for doing it with me! Then we asked our other coworker if she would like to join in too and she agreed. So the three of us are going to start this 30 day challenge around January 1st. I may start earlier since I will be away for a couple of days when we go to Moose Jaw for our anniversary. And one of the other girls is very busy on New Year's Day so she would prefer to start on the 2nd. But I think this will be a good thing and I hope we are able to motivate each other (and not hurt ourselves, haha).

My plan is to get Jay to take some pictures of me in my bathing suit in the next day or two (I should have got him to do it last night after we went for all-you-can-eat Japanese food at Nagoya, I was SO full and bloated!). I am hoping to take my measurements and maybe weigh myself, then do that again in a couple of weeks, or maybe just once I am done 30 days and see if there are changes in my body. I have not decided yet if I will post said pictures to this blog, but I may create a private blog and post my progress there. If I do that I will mention it here, and if you want access to it, you can let me know. I watched some videos and looked at some before/after weight loss pictures yesterday and it is amazing to see some of the results people have gotten. My reason for doing this is not so much for weight loss, instead I am looking to be in better physical shape, tone my muscles, and be firmer in general. I am nearing my 30s and have been told by numerous people that often your 20s are forgiving, in that you can eat what you would like and not worry too much about gaining weight. But I think once you hit your 30s and get closer to your 40s there are more health problems that can start to surface if you don't look after yourself. I may be a fairly slim person, but I know I am physically in pretty bad shape. I am weak and very inflexible. I am really hoping I can incorporate this 30 mins/day into my life for the next 30 days, and once I have done that it will come more naturally to want to spend time being active. Whether that means investing in a few more exercise DVDs or a gym membership. I would like 2010 to be a year for positive change in my life. No more lazy Angie!!

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