Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I know I am guilty of feeling sorry for myself. For wishing I had more things, or was skinnier, or had a nicer car, or a better job. Wishing I was more outgoing, or wishing my family wasn't so crazy (but who's family isn't crazy??). But when I stop and think and realize about all the people who don't have a family, or don't have a warm house to live in, or clothes to wear, or food to eat. People who are skinny because they are sick, or people who have no job and have a family to provide for. I need to realize that I am very blessed indeed. I need to make sure I look for ways to help bless others out of what I have been entrusted with.

A few weeks ago at church there was a guest speaker who spoke on entrustment vs. entitlement. How our society is all about feeling entitled to what is theirs. They deserve to have a house and a car and a family and nice things and a fat bank account. When in reality everything belongs to God and He entrusts us with these things. When I look at things from that perspective, I do find it easier to let go of some of my materialistic tendencies. But I am only human, and entitlement is really something we all struggle with, I think. He told the story of losing his son-in-law in a car accident. He said it is not fair to see his grandchildren have to grow up without a dad, or his daughter to be left a single mom. But he said when you realize that we belong to God and it is his choice to take us home when he needs us, it makes the loss a little more bearable. This concept of entrustment is something I have really been working through in my mind in the last weeks.

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