Sunday, December 20, 2009

A great purchase!

A couple of weeks ago at Canadian Tire they had a digital meat thermometer on sale for $10. We have talked about getting one for some time and I assumed that we would probably end up paying $50-60 for a wireless one. When this $10 sale came up we figured we couldn't pass it up for that price, even though it is a corded one.

Last night we made roast beef and tried it out for the first time. Let me just say one thing....YUM! Haha. It was so good, and throughout the meal Jay and I kept looking at each other and saying 'mmm' or 'man this is SO good'. We set the thermometer to let us know when the roast was medium well and that's exactly what I would say it was. There was one end of the roast that was a tiny bit pink in the middle and the other end was more well done. It was so juicy and it put any prime rib I have eaten to shame! With this new kitchen tool, I will never over cook an oven roasted piece of meat again!

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