Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thyroid Update

For all of you who are dying to hear how my thyroid is doing, the answer is good! I was in to see my specialist about three weeks ago (can I just say that Dr. Sharma is a very kind and compassionate doctor! I really like him!). He was pleased to see that my TSH levels are back within the normal range. He didn't have too much to say with regards to my hair loss or menstrual cycles. He did say that they should get back to normal eventually.

I have been feeling pretty well back to normal, and in the last week or two I have noticed a significant decrease in the amount of hair I am losing. I still have the thin spots on my head, but hopefully it will grow back quickly. I also only had one menstrual cycle in the last month :) My goiter is barely there anymore. It feels good to be back to normal. I even went for blood work last week and did not hear from my doctor's office, so I will assume that the numbers are still in the normal range and will go for more blood work in about a month.

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