Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A New (used) Car!

Just about a week after we made the deal on this car, it is ours. I didn't drive much today, just to work and home then out to get some gas. I am still getting a feel for the car but so far it feels good to drive. I have been browsing through the owner's manual just looking to see if I can learn about the features the car offers. The driver's seat has a few more adjustments than I am used to, but I think I have them figured out now. I also learned that the car has a telescoping steering wheel and rain sensing windshield wipers. I look forward to driving this car around the city and hopefully taking Jay for some cruises. I am interested to see how far it will go on a tank of gas. My hope is at least fifty kilometers more than the Grand Am did. I am so glad that I have a husband who likes to do funky photography. No boring snapshots for this car! :)

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