Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bye bye Wii

If you have followed my blog since last October you will know that after getting a taste for playing Wii I begged Jason to get one as my early Christmas gift. He of course gave me his blessing to buy one (who wouldn't want to be done 75% of their Christmas shopping by October??). I was quite excited to get it, especially after having to do a lot of calling around to actually find one in stock in the city. But like so many things that a person wants and uses for a period of time, the Wii started get used less and less frequently. In the last few months I have used it maybe once or twice a month. I started to wonder if I shouldn't look into selling it.

I didn't know what the market was for used Wiis so I thought, just for fun, I would put up an ad on Kijiji today. Within a few hours I had at least five offers to buy it. Of course some people offered $100 less than what I was asking, and one person offered $50 less than my asking price. I figured that with the interest I had generated I would be willing to take $25 less than my asking price. I am certain that if I would have waited until October or November of this year I could have gotten at least another hundred dollars for it. But I wasn't doing it to be greedy, just looking to make a bit of money and let someone else enjoy it. I was able to make a deal with a lady this evening who's 14 year old son was interested in buying it. I figure why not let a 14 year old boy enjoy it, rather than let it collect dust, except when my nephews come to visit. I imagine they might be rather disappointed that it is gone, but now that they have their own, they can definitely get their fill at home.

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