Monday, August 03, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Jay and I went to see the movie this afternoon. I think it was alright. I need to stop having these high expectations for the movies. When the book is over 600 pages it is difficult for them to squeeze it all into a 2 1/2 hour long movie. I did however find (with input from Jason, who hasn't read the books) that the storyline was fairly coherent with fewer holes than the other movies seemed to have. There were just so many things they left out, or did not stress the importance of. I know they are making the seventh and final book into two movies due out next year, I believe. I hope they are able to explain things and wrap the story up in a way that leaves the fans feeling satisfied.

I didn't expect to cry at the end, knowing the ending ahead of time, but I still did. I was surprised that they didn't include a funeral scene for Dumbledore at the end, but I guess it was just one more thing that was not entirely necessary that was left out. All in all a good movie, lots of action (a little too much teenage angst/romance/'snogging' for my tastes).

One thing that has really bothered me in the last couple of movies is the disappearance of Dumbledore's 'half moon spectacles'. They are mentioned quite often in the books, and they were there faithfully in the first few movies, then just disappeared. I was also sad to see that Professor Slughorn did not have the walrus type mustache that is described in the book. If I am not mistaken also the Felix Felicis potion was supposed to look like molten gold not clear liquid. Just small details, but ones that bugged me.

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