Tuesday, August 04, 2009

3 minutes in the life of Kiwi

Wrestle with Jay and chew on his arm (and hug it with her front arms).

Dig in the blankets to find a toy that she thinks is under there.

Make sure there really isn't a toy under the blanket.

Get caught looking under the blankets and give me an exceedingly cute look when I say, "Kiwi, what were you doing?" in my sternest 'mom' voice.

Pretend to rest, but she is really ready to go for another round of play at a moments notice.

We cannot believe the change in her personality since she finished her steroids. She has so much more energy and is as frisky as a little puppy again. She is such a good little dog! I am glad her lumps are gone and she is healthy :)

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