Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Taste of Saskatchewan

Jay and I went today for lunch. Jay had never been, and I haven't been in a number of years. I wanted to get out there this summer. I looked at the menu online a couple of months ago and thought it looked pretty tasty. We lucked out by finding a parking spot right on Spadina Cres. by the Samurai in front of the Bessborough Hotel. Then we meandered over to the park and I wondered if we would be able to find a seat at a table. But as we wandered we saw a few tables that weren't full, so we asked a group of four if we could use the end of their picnic table.

Once we got situated I went and started fetching our food. We had decided to try a number of things and share them. First we tried a chicken burger from PicNic's. It was alright, fairly mediocre. Then we tried some chili lime ribs from the Victorian. I know that the Victorian is a very upscale restaurant and so I was pretty sure for $4 (2 tokens) that a person would get a pretty small portion. Sure enough, three little pieces of rib. I was unlucky enough to turn around and one of the ribs rolled right off my plate into the wood chips on the ground. I just left it and kept walking. So we each had a rib to try. Again, they were okay, not spectacular. Next I decided I wanted to try the curry basil chicken from Spicy Garden restaurant. I thought it was quite good, but expected it taste a little more basil flavor. I wouldn't mind trying that restaurant again sometime. Next it was Jay's turn to try something he really wanted, and he chose a swiss cheese burger and fries from Manchesters. For $4, I expected a mini burger and a few fries. What we got was a full sized burger, on a nice big bun and a plate full of fries. Wow, you don't get that much for $8 at A&W! Then for dessert we went to the Homestead Ice Cream booth. I had a frozen, chocolate dipped piece of cheesecake on a stick. Mmm it was quite tasty! Jay had some cherry cola flavored ice cream. All in all it was a good experience, and I think we will try to go again next year.

Oh yeah, but the most unpleasant part was the live music. I don't know who was performing when we were there, but man it was loud (so we could hardly chat) and it was BAD :P

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