Saturday, June 13, 2009

I have learned my lesson

It was +28C here today! It was lovely. We decided, when we heard it was going to be so warm today, that we should go to the Forestry Farm. We hadn't been to the zoo in ages and thought it would be a good outing. I don't think I mentioned that when I tried on that bikini yesterday, I also tried on a tube top. I was thinking it might be nice to have one so I could maybe get a tan without the tan lines. I found one that fit reasonably well and bought it. My test for whether it fits is whether there is fat rolling over the top. I passed that test, and it stayed up! Today I wore it to the zoo. I slathered on the sunscreen and I didn't get a burn!

I have learned my lesson about sun exposure with my fair skin. I think I will wear it quite a bit this summer, and maybe keep my eyes open for another one. When I was browsing the mall last evening I went into Garage (I usually call it Garbage) clothing. I couldn't believe the junk that they try to sell. I had a quick browse, but I saw a cute strapless top that I liked enough to try on. It fit and was cute, but I was not willing to pay $24 for a shirt from Garbage Clothing. Maybe I will keep an eye out for an end of season sale. Though who wants to buy a tube top in August or September?

I think I probably spent at least three hours outside today and did not burn :) A good portion was spent sitting in the shade on our back deck, but the Forestry Farm was nice and sunny. Have they always had grizzly bears? I definitely did not remember them. They were quite active, swimming in their pool and playing with each other. The lions were also neat, but were very sleepy since it was so warm out. I was saying to Jason that they must finally feel at home. I don't think African lions are used to frost....

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