Thursday, June 18, 2009


I have tried guacamole a few times in my life. Up until recently though I wondered what everyone was so excited about. I thought it was bland and pretty much gross. Last week avocados were on sale so we picked up a bag of five. Jay decided to use three right away to mix up as guacamole. I think all that went into the first batch was avocado, red onion, lemon juice and some Epicure guacamole seasoning. It was quite good but I decided it needed some more things next time.

I looked at a few recipes online and found one that called for some sour cream, as well as lime juice and cilantro. I tried making more with the last two avocados and wow was it good! I added onion, cilantro, fat free plain yogurt (we didn't have sour cream on hand), avocado, lime juice, hot chili flakes and the Epicure seasoning. Mmmmm so good. I finally understand what all the excitment is about. I think I need to ration it, because I have read that avocado is full of fibre and is high in fat. Even though it is the good fat, sometimes it can upset a person's stomach. I will definitely be making that again!!!

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