Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I still have not bought one. I would like to take my time and find a good one. I tend to be cheap, but I know when it comes to some things, it is best not to cheap out. Today I was at the Midtown Plaza and poked my head into Swimwear Etc. The first tag I looked at was for a pair of plain black bottoms, it said $70. I left. I just don't think I could ever justify spending $150 or more for a bathing suit. I can understand if you are a competitive swimmer, or maybe if you have a really odd body shape that is hard to fit. I would spend good money on a well fitting bathing suit. Me on the other hand, I have a pretty easy to fit body. I tend to be a little long in the torso, definitely heavier on the bottom half than the top half. Makes it nice to have a tankini or possibly a bikini. You don't have to worry about the suit being long enough, and you can buy the tops and bottoms separately so they actually fit your body.

Today at the Midtown I went into the Bay and decided to just try on a whole bunch of different styles of tops and bottoms for bikinis. I tried on some boy cut bottoms (at the suggestion of Jessica) and I would say I didn't mind them. You definitely need to make sure they are the right size (which I suppose goes for any bathing suit) because I tried on one that was a little too small and it was incredibly unflattering. However I tried on a different pair that fit a little differently and I liked them. Good coverage with those. I also find with my hips being a bit wider that a lot of the panty style bottoms tend to be too narrow to cover my butt in a way that I find flattering. So if I went that route I would need to find something with good butt coverage. Or I could just get some board shorts and don't worry so much about the bikini bottoms.

I find the tops to be a little easier for me with my small upper half. I have tried on halter type ones before and I generally like them. I have noticed a LOT of string type tops this year and thought I would try one of those. I didn't like it at all. A little too naked for me, plus the cups/triangles kept sliding to the side and I would hate to lose it all together. A pleasant surprise for me was a tube style top. I didn't think I would like it at all, and I found it to be quite flattering. It was a tube with a string that comes up and ties around the neck from the middle of the top. I wouldn't rule that out.

I tried on one complete suit today that I liked a fair bit. It had boy cut bottoms and a halter style top that tied at the back of the neck. I felt that it was fairly flattering and fit quite well. For both pieces it was $55. It had a pretty colourful print on it, but the background colour of it was white. I am always a little leary when it comes to white bathing suits. I think it had a fairly good lining in it, but for $55 I would hate to find out too late that it's see through. I didn't buy it. After supper I told Jay that I would like him to come shopping with me sometime. Give me a second opinion. I think that he could be honest with me without hurting my feelings.

I was disappointed to hear that Lac Pelletier is not very good for swimming in this year. Sounds like there is a lot of algae and weeds :( My mother-in-law said it looks like Kermit the Frog pooped in the lake. Haha, that made me laugh. So if I don't get too many chances to go swimming this summer, I feel that this would be the time to look for bathing suit/s for our possible trip this winter. I'm not sure how many are out in December or January.

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