Saturday, April 18, 2009

My first Ebay purchase!

I have been thinking lately about getting a new purse. I thought about looking for one when I was in Calgary in a couple of weeks. That was my plan until this morning. I was browsing on Ebay, just for fun, and I came across this purse. I thought it was pretty cute. I checked and the current bid was $14.50 and the auction ended two hours later. I asked Jay if I could bid....I have never bid on anything on Ebay before and did not know all the ins and outs. He said sure, that I could even use his account. I bid $15.45 and an hour or so later, I won! With exchange and shipping and whatnot it worked out to be $36.67. Not bad I say! For a brand new bag (with tag attatched), Nine West brand (not really into brands, but I have seen some pricey ones with that name on them) and the ad claimed that the original purchase price was $56USD. Not bad! I had considered spending up to $50-60 on a new purse in Calgary. So now I just have to sit back and wait the 10-15 business days for it to arrive. Unfortunately it likely will not arrive before the Calgary trip, however I think it will be a good purse. It's a fair bit bigger than my current purse, but it's not HUGE like some people's purses. I just don't think I have that much to carry around, but I do think it would be nice to have room to keep a snack or something in my purse other than just the bare necessities.

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