Monday, March 30, 2009


I had quite the laugh this morning about Kiwi's poo. If you don't want to hear about a poo story you should probably stop reading now. I have read enough 'mom' blogs though, to know that obviously people enjoy reading/writing about other children's bathroom habits.

Ever since Kiwi was little, when it was time to poo, she would go and sniff around and assume her poo stance, and go, but she would be in her poo stance and while she was pooing she would keep walking and sniffing. I call it her poop walk. This morning what made me laugh is she was sniffing and sniffing around and there was a piece of poo hanging out, but she wasn't in her poo stance yet. She was just walking around looking for the right place to go but was already 'going', haha. Not sure if you find that funny, but I sure did :)

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