Thursday, March 12, 2009

My sweet little Kiwi

We have shed a lot of tears in the last couple of days. It is amazing how much a part of our family this little pup has become. I know I shouldn't feel sad, because Kiwi isn't sick, she is perfectly healthy and frisky and adorable. I would hate for her to get sick though.

Jay talked to the vet yesterday about our options. We had wondered what the advantage of removing part of the lump for analysis would be, versus just removing the whole thing and analyzing it. The vet agreed that it would probably be in Kiwi's best interest to only put her under anesthetic once, so we have decided to go with the full lump removal. At this point we have NO idea what this will cost, but we are prepared to do what we must for our little poochie. The vet did say that they do not feel that they have the expertise necessary to remove the lump at their office so would refer us to someone at the U of S vet clinic.

We have agreed that we will give her a full course of treatment and see how she does. Whether that involves giving our dog chemotherapy and radiation therapy for a while, as I said we will do what we need to do. I don't know that we would give her a second round of treatment if she were to get another tumor though. Of course at this point this is all speculation. For all we know, removing the tumor could be the end of it.

I know I shouldn't worry about this, but I am. My emotions are feeling very close to the surface these days. I find myself crying when people ask me how Kiwi is doing. These are people that have no idea that she has cancer, just asking how my pup is doing. And I break out in tears. *sigh* So I think if anyone asks me how she is doing I am just going to say 'fine' because I hate crying in front of other people.

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