Monday, February 16, 2009

Time to start thinking about getting another one

For the last few months, or maybe even a year I find myself looking at the ads for puppies on Kijiji. Mostly just because I like looking at pictures of cute puppies, scoffing at the ridiculous prices some people think their puppies are worth, and laughing at the silly names that people come up with for their cross breed pups. For example bug is a boston terrier crossed with a pug, a puggle is a pug crossed with a beagle and a shorkie is a shih-tzu crossed with a yorkie. I realize that my very own dog is a schnoodle (schnauzer crossed with a poodle), sometimes we call her schnauzie-poo for fun, haha.

The other day I was asking Jay if he thought we might ever get another dog. He said maybe, and I am not entirely sure I am ready to have another puppy at this point. I asked him what breed he might like. He said after meeting Maggie at our flyball class that he didn't mind the idea of boston terriers. Maggie was pretty cute, well cute in an ugly sort of way.

All this talk about getting a second dog made me think about friends of mine who are considering having their second child. I said to Jay, Kiwi is already over a year old we better start thinking about getting another one. Haha. Not quite the same thing...but I guess we will see what happens :) It would definitely need to be a non shedding breed and not bigger than Kiwi. I'll keep watching Kijiji.

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