Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wii Fit

The kind UPS man brought me my Wii Fit on Tuesday. Jay had wanted to get me one for my birthday but they are very difficult to find in this city so we opted to order one from (on a side note, my coworker was in the states over Christmas and said when she was out shopping there were piles of Wii Fits where she went.....makes you wonder why distributors can't get more to Canada??). I have been having fun with it. Wednesday morning I was stiff from some hard core hula hooping action. So far (I know it's only been 3 days) I have managed to use it for at least half an hour each day and have managed to work some muscles and even work up a bit of a sweat. I don't think the Wii Fit is the best weight loss tool, but it beats sitting on your butt watching tv or sitting playing Lego Indiana Jones (very fun game!). The one thing I am not sure about it is weighing myself every day. I know it's my choice to look at my weight each day or not, but I have not had regular access to a bathroom scale, well....ever. My mom and dad have one now, but before that I would weigh myself once a year at the doctor's office, or sometimes secretly at a friend's or family member's house if they had a scale in their bathroom. The first day I got the Wii Fit I weighed myself and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with the result. I really thought I had gained some weight over Christmas, but from what I saw, obviously I didn't. The first day I weighed myself once, then ate supper and weighed myself again and was surprised that I had gained 2 pounds. I don't think I ate 2 pounds of food.....then the next day I gained another half a pound, then today I had lost .7 lbs. So the moral of the story is that weighing yourself every day is not healthy. A person's weight fluctuates depending on the time of day/month, water retention, etc. I think I will try to keep the weighings to once/week so I don't feel discouraged.

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