Thursday, January 22, 2009

Summer Holidays

I know it's still January, but I have summer holidays on the brain. I booked time off in July this week. I finally get two weeks off in a row. Since I have worked where I do, I usually have just taken two separate weeks off in the summer. I think there is a certain niceness to that, breaking it up, but I look forward to a nice looooong stretch of holidays. Initially we were thinking about going down into the USA to do a bit of shopping, but after seeing how poorly the Canadian dollar is doing at the moment as well as hearing that the closest border cities (ie Minot or Great Falls) don't have spectacular shopping we turned out sights to Alberta. We thought about going to Edmonton to check out the West Ed Mall. I haven't been there in years, and Jay has never been. We wondered what other interesting things that there were to see and do in Edmonton. I started searching online and thought maybe the Science Centre might be interesting. I wasn't sure what else there is to see. Any suggestions? In my google searches for touristy things in Edmonton I came across a link that said the broadway musical The Lion King will be playing in Edmonton for the month of July. That piqued my interest greatly!! After how much we enjoyed the Phantom of the Opera last spring, I am going to look into finding us tickets for The Lion King. Maybe they will be outrageously expensive, or sell out right away, but I am going to look into it. They aren't on sale yet and according to the website they usually go on sale 6-8 weeks before the performance so I guess I will keep checking back. We were thinking about maybe doing the Edmonton thing, then swinging down through Calgary for a day or two to visit grandpa and maybe drive out to the mountains, then head back to Saskatoon, or maybe Swift Current. I suppose we don't have to have everything set in stone right now, but it is exciting to look ahead and have something to look forward to. Once the summer holidays are over we will have to start planning our Hawaii trip.....

By the way, today is my 4th wedding anniversary :) Married life is good!

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