Saturday, January 03, 2009


Tomorrow is my 28th birthday. As I reflect back on the past 28 years of my life....well maybe 24 years (I don't think I remember much from the first 4 years), I think "Why in the world did I have to be born in the coldest month of the year in the middle of the great white north?!" As a kid I was always envious of my friends with summer birthdays who could have great outdoor parties, or go swimming for their birthdays. Me, all I got to do was either have a sleepover or go bowling. Don't get me wrong, I had fun birthdays, but I always wished I was born in summer.

I recall a birthday of mine (not sure the exact year) a few years back when I was still living at mom and dad's. It was only about -5C and my wonderful dad offered to bbq hamburgers for me on my birthday. That was an awesome treat in the dead of winter. January 3rd, 2009 is a whole other story!!

We went out for supper tonight to Moxie's to celebrate my birthday. Thankfully we were able to take advantage of Jay's handicapped parking permit and found parking close to the entrance. The supper was very tasty. I had a peppercorn new york steak with a delightful stuffed potato (seriously great stuffed potato for anyone who is looking for a good one! I joked about just going back there for a potato...not sure if they would give me just a potato without an entree), and some veggies. I also had a bellini (yeah I know, slushy drink in this weather?! but it was comfortably warm in the restaurant so it was good), and we shared a white chocolate brownie for dessert. I haven't had a white chocolate brownie there in years and it was super good tonight. YUM!

When we went to leave Jay's van was frozen up pretty good. Usually when it is this cold the automatic doors don't work and the air suspension tends to be finicky. Thankfully we thought to turn off the suspension before we went in so that wasn't an issue, but when we got home the ramp wouldn't go down. Thankfully it did work just took a minute to thaw out and it seems to be okay now. That poor van :( I commented to Jay when we got home that it is -37C with a -48C windchill right now. That is how cold it was the night he met my family at our steak night at the Odeon with my class. I remember running down the sidewalk toward the Midtown because I think he was able to park underground. That was almost five years There has been talk around here about the possiblity of a destination holiday next winter. I think we might be a year too late on thinking about that...haha. I cannot believe how long this cold snap has lasted, usually it's a week or two then it moderates somewhat but this is just plain NASTY. I don't think life was meant to exist at these temperatures!!

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