Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Poor Kiwi

The night before last we put Kiwi in her kennel for the night and usually she settles right in but that night she seemed restless. We could hear her tags jingling from the bedroom so finally I went to check on her. From what I could see it looked like she had just pushed her blanket to the front of her kennel. I figured I would straighten it out for her and when I grabbed it it was wet. I thought, oh no, she peed in her kennel, she hasn't done that since she was just a wee pup. Then I looked a little closer and thought maybe she had had diarrhea, but on closer inspection it was her half digested supper. I let her out of the kennel to clean it up and she proceeded to throw up on the kitchen floor two more times. I figured I shouldn't just put her back in her bed for the night if she was going to be throwing up so I locked her in the bathroom. When I got up in the morning she had thrown up two more times during the night. I hoped she was okay, but as the day progressed she seemed fine. She was playful, she ate some food, she went to the bathroom (outside), she seemed fine. We were just baffled as to what may have caused this. After talking to some clients at work they all figured she had gotten into chocolate somewhere. I just had no idea how she would have done that. Last night she was whining at the couch the way she does when one of her toys gets under too far for her to reach. I pulled the couch out to get it for her and found the culprit. Sometime since we got back from Swift Current she had chewed and eaten part of a tennis ball. In her first pile of throw up there had been some little black bits of something and I wondered what she had eaten, but didn't think much of it until I saw this ball that was half missing. She is pretty good about not tearing toys apart but we know now for sure that she is not allowed to have tennis balls unsupervised!

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