Friday, December 12, 2008

Have a holly jolly Christmas

I have made some pretty great strides this week toward being ready for Christmas. I am now completely done my shopping (including a birthday present for my sister AND my mom) and done wrapping all the presents. I am a little disappointed that we can't (or I am afraid to) put our presents under our tree this year. Thankfully Kiwi has not eaten the tree or knocked it down. She does go sniff and sometimes taste different ornaments but she hasn't pulled any off. I have a feeling that she would be interested in eating the paper off of the presents if we left her alone with them.

I also got another type of Christmas 'baking' done. I made cuban lunches. I am really not sure why they are called that. My mom suggested that there used to be a chocolate bar named that, so maybe that explains it. They are little chocolates with crushed peanuts and crushed ripple chips in them. They are so good and I it is a good thing that I managed to put most of them in the freezer downstairs or I would have eaten more than I already have! I wouldn't mind possibly making some shortbread yet, but we will see. I already have nut bars, ginger snaps and some jam jams, and now cuban lunches. That should be enough for any entertaining that we do this Christmas season.

I am looking forward to gatherings in the next couple of weeks. Next Monday we are getting together for supper with Karen, Levi, Arleen and Arlen and going to The Granary. Mmmm, I think I might have steak. Then next Wednesday is our small group's Christmas hang out/eat/play games evening. Then on Monday the 22nd my family is getting together for a supper for my mom's birthday and we might exchange gifts from our family draw because sometimes Christmas can be hectic enough without having to do that on the 25th as well. It really is starting to feel more Christmasy around here with all the snow we have gotten lately too. However, I am NOT looking forward to the deep freeze we are headed into tomorrow :P

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