Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Decapitation of Lisa Simpson

Last year we got a set of Christmas ornaments of the Simpsons. Each of them is either skating or riding on a sled. I dropped Lisa when I was hanging her on the tree and her head snapped off. I asked Jay if I could just hang her head and he figured that might be a little bit creepy. We will try to glue her back together...

We decorated for Christmas today. Another step in the direction toward feeling ready for the big day. It is less than a month away now. I bought a couple more Christmas presents today which leaves only two more gifts to buy. One for my mom (Jay drew her name in the family draw, and she hasn't given us any ideas yet) and a $10 for our extended family gift exchange on Christmas day. A week ago I would say I was only about half done shopping, so it has been a productive shopping week.

I think our tree looks beautiful. It glows so beautifully with 300 non-LED mini lights. I am all for saving power using LEDs, but I like our mini lights. I always enjoy decorating the tree. Our ornaments are a collection of new and old. I would say that some of my favorites include a pasta angel I made in elementary school, dough ornaments that Jay's mom has gotten us each year since we got engaged, a little sparkly bird that sits on the branch, and new this year, a pickle. Some other Christmas decorations of ours that I really like are my awesome tree skirt that Karen made for us, our nativity scene (last year thoughout the weeks leading up to Christmas the three wisemen travelled around our living room making their way to meet baby Jesus, this year Kiwi would probably eat them so they will just stay with the set), my Mrs. Clause clothes line, and our snow globe we got last year as a house warming gift. Anyone have any special, unique Christmas decorations that they love? This year I also hung up lights along the top of our kitchen cabinets. Our house definitely feels very festive.

This is our first Christmas with Kiwi. She has done surprisingly well with the tree and everything, but I have a feeling it will be a frustrating month and we will be glad to undecorate when the new year rolls around. She ate some blue tinsel stuff that came off of our garland that we wrap around our railing so I imagine she'll be pooping that out by tomorrow :P

Oh and I have to tell you about my great big disappointment. We were planning to bbq home made burgers tonight since it was so nice out today. I usually take out a package of ground beef the night before and we leave it out overnight to thaw then put it in the fridge in the morning. I forgot to take it out until just before bed last night. This morning I put it in the fridge and thought nothing of it until Jay started mincing onion to put in the burgers and I got the package out and saw that it didn't say 'grd beef' on it, it said 'stew beef'. I was SO looking forward to not only Jay's awesome home made burgers, but bbqed....*sigh* We ended up taking out premade frozen hamburger patties and had those instead. They were okay, but not as good as Jay's home made. I guess we are going to have crock pot stew on Monday. And like I just said to Jay, since we don't have leftover burgers from supper I guess we will have to go out for lunch tomorrow after Church....ha.

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