Wednesday, October 22, 2008

This Weekend

I get to spend the weekend up at Christopher Lake, or more specifically Camp Kadesh. I love Kadesh. I have some of my fondest memories at that place. I was thrilled to be able to finally take Jay up there in August, even though it rained for the better part of the time we were there.

This weekend is the annual mother/daughter weekend. I am not taking my mother or my daughter (dogger?) along, but am looking forward to spending the weekend with some of my girlfriends. Right now I am anticipating some awesome time spent in the fire heated hot tub. I think that was my favorite experience of the last two mother/daughter weekends I went to. You are out in the wilderness, sitting in a tub of hot water, it's quiet (no jets) but you smell the wood smoke from the fire heating the water, and it's just so incredibly relaxing.

The next thing I am looking forward to is the Saturday night dessert buffet. YUM!

I am also interested to see what Arleen has up her sleeve for the Amazing Race this year. Each year she sets up a series of tasks to complete for as many teams as sign up for the Amazing Race. The first year we did it, it was hard core and SO hard, but our team did really well. The second year it was too easy and I heard last year was just about right. I am hoping if there is enough help out there that I can possibly try wall climbing (never done it before) and maybe go on the Whipper (the bigger better jungle swing).

This will be Jay's first weekend home alone with Kiwi. I am sure that it will be just fine. She is pretty happy to pee and poo on the grass now that we have it, so that shouldn't be an issue for him.

We have decided to get ourselves a Nintendo Wii for Christmas. On Monday, Karen told me that they had some in stock at the Walmart over by us. She had been looking for one for a while so I offered to go pick one up for her. Being the kind, generous girl that she is she offered to let Jay and I play it that evening before she came to pick it up the next day. We played for 3 hours and decided that we want our own. Jay was going to pick one up today and we can't find one. He did some calling around and most places he called said that they will likely get some in on Friday or Saturday. We are not going to go crazy trying to find one, but we imagine it will only get harder to find them the closer we get to Christmas. If you see any feel free to let us know :) I am still on a lookout for a Wii Fit for Karen as well. I might like to have a Wii Fit someday, but again not in such a big rush to find one.

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