Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ta Da!

They are officially done our landscaping! Here is our front yard with grass and our new thunderchild flowering crabapple tree. It doesn't look like much now but I hope it is full of beautiful pink blossoms next spring.

Shrubs in our back shrub bed. I like the gray shale and I look forward to seeing these plants grow up and hopefully bloom next spring/summer.

A close up shot of our gray shale. When they first brought it in yesterday it was really dusty and was the colour of the lightest pieces. Almost looked like that old school white rock that people used to have. I felt disappointed in our choice until they hosed it off and it looks much prettier now :)

Our front shrub/flower bed. I had to make sure I could get a lawn mower through here as there isn't enough room to get one past our air conditioner on the other side. The landscapers recommended using a couple of our leftover sidewalk blocks to make a path for the lawnmower to use.

They sure don't look like much now, but along this side of the fence we got them to plant four rose bushes and a double flowering plum. I am planning to do some reading up on caring for roses and other plants because I don't want them to go and die on me.

A close up of a goldflame spirea plant under our tree. I think it is very pretty this time of year.

Our tree, losing more and more leaves every day! I know this picture is dark but I thought the sky looked pretty. And you can see my shadow ;)

This will be a little rock/ornament/etc garden under our tree. They planted two goldflame spireas and two different varieties of juniper. I like the look of this space and it makes for less lawn to mow under and around the tree.

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