Thursday, September 25, 2008

Belly Dancing

I had my first class this evening. It was alright and I didn't feel too self conscious or weird being there. We learned three basic moves, the hip circle, the basic shimmy and a more advanced shimmy. I did pretty well with the first two but just couldn't seem to get down the advanced shimmy. I imagine there might be even more advanced shimmys than this one, so hopefully I will get it mastered.

I noticed very early on, doing my hip circles that I think my iliotibial bands are very tight. Each time I would move my hips back and forth or up and down I could feel my IT band popping over top of a bump on my femur (greater trochanter, for those who are familiar with anatomy). I am pretty sure that's what it was, so I think before my next class I should work on some stretching for my IT bands and I could feel my lower back tightening up with the movements. I think our teacher knows what she is doing, but I felt that our warmup time was fairly inadequate. I look forward to learning some new moves and getting more comfortable with what I have learned so far.

Maybe someday I'll be this good (minus the chandelier on my head)...

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