Wednesday, August 20, 2008


We are getting our yards landscaped this fall. We signed our contract yesterday and they said they could get started in 7-10 days. We figured that might be a little ambitious since the landscaper wants us to at least have our fence posts installed before they get started so he said they could start on another project and get to us in more like two to two and a half weeks. I am pretty excited about our yard plan. I think that once the plants grow up some it will make for a very pretty yard.

I designed the layout of our perimeter shrub bed based on some brochures we got at Lakeshore giving the approximate mature sizes of different shrubs. I chose a variety of plants, some that flower early in spring, some that flower all season, and some that just have pretty foliage. I have never designed a flower bed before, and I really hope it looks okay. Because we are getting them to put landscape fabric down with gray shale on top. So it would be a bit of a pain in the butt to dig it up and start over. I didn't want to overfill the bed because some of the plants get to be 5-6 feet wide and they would crowd out other plants if planted too close together. We chose a double flowering plum, some roses, mock orange, diablo ninebark, dwarf lilacs, cedars and potentilla. I think I had mentioned in a previous post that we are going to have an arbour. I have been looking up a variety of climbing plants to grow on the arbour. I think it might be clematis. There are a lot of varieties, but they are all quite beautiful and maybe not quite as aggressive as some vines.

In the last week we have talked to our neighbours quite a bit. I am thankful to have friendly, young neighbours. I would say that both couples that live in either side of us are probably close to the same age as us. And neither of them have kids. The couple that lives behind us I would guess is a few years older than us and just had their first baby a few months ago. We have heard some horror stories about people that have built houses and had nothing but problems with their neighbours, bickering about fence materials, property lines, etc. I guess it can be an issue in any area, but it's nice to have neighbours that are so willing to help out and be friendly.

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