Thursday, July 24, 2008

I have been frustrated lately with the construction workers in our area. We live in a new area, and I expect to hear construction noise, and I am coming to terms with the general dirtiness in our area. I have seen construction workers dropping their garbage in our area though. There are a LOT of Tim Horton's cups and pop cans rolling around our area. The other day I saw about 4 or 5 workers lounging in the shade of a fence down the street from us having their lunch. For the last two days when I took the dog for a walk, there have been a number of pop cans, some food wrappers and a steak bone on the sidewalk/grass where they were sitting. My dog picked up the bone today and I had to pry it out of her mouth. I don't want her getting sick. Another general complaint is the profanity. A couple of weeks ago, a crew of young men was stuccoing a house on the street next to ours. I had the dog out for a pee and could hear every other word coming out of their mouths was the f-word. And they weren't just whispering. I was a reasonable distance away and I could hear them loud and clear. One day on the radio I heard an ad for a plumbing company that said their workers will not use profanity in your house. I thought that was common sense, but after listing to the mouths on these young men, I appreciate what that plumbing company is offering. It is hard to know what company has sent these workers because they all just show up in their own cars, but if I knew, I might complain to their supervisors. One last complaint is construction workers peeing freely near the houses they are working on. A couple of months ago I looked out our kitchen window, and saw a guy peeing a couple of houses down. I am sure he didn't realize I saw him, but can't they set up a port-a-potty somewhere close by so the workers can run over and pee if they need to?? I know it's not as convenient as whipping it out wherever you are, but people live in this area and we don't want to see people peeing, and I am sure new home owners don't want to know how many men have peed in their backyards :P

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