Sunday, June 22, 2008

Nice Weekend

We spent some time in Regina this weekend and it was quite nice. I have a few observations to make about our weekend:

- The sign at Craik made us both laugh pretty hard. I know I have driven by there before, but we had quite the giggle. "Craik: The friendliest place by a dam site." Haha

- This is the first time I have been to Regina that I paid any sort of attention to it. I think it seems like a nice city. We were going to take a walk by the legislative buildings, but it was too hot Saturday. I think that Wascana Park looks quite nice.

- On many streets in Regina there are three lanes, or so it would appear. But occasionally in the right hand lane, there will be people parked. So unless you want to be dodging in and out of traffic drive in the centre lane, until you are ready to turn, then get in the right lane.

- The Imax theatre is really cool. We saw Grand Canyon Adventure and I thought it was great. I had no idea how deep it was at some points and how majestic it is. Very cool!

- The Science Centre is neat, but definitely aimed at younger children. If I have kids someday, I will take them there.

- Brewster's is a great restaurant and if I ever go to Regina again you better believe I will be eating there. We had shrimp sushi rolls there, and they were super good, and I am craving more of them. They were somewhat similar to the ones at Earl's, but better.

- I tasted the much disliked Regina water. I was expecting something absolutely horrible. In all honesty it wasn't too bad. Definitely not as good as Saskatoon water, but better than Moose Jaw and Carrot River (two of the worst tasting waters I have tasted).

- Best Western Seven Oaks is a fairly nice hotel. It was clean, and had what we needed.

- The reason we went to Regina was for our friend's son's baptism. He was baptized at a Lutheran church and were asked to be Godparents. It was definitely different to go to a different church. I didn't mind trying something new. I found that the sermon was good, but the service felt a little too rigid and structured for my tastes. I didn't mind singing some hymns though! I have never been a big fan of responsive readings, and they did a lot this morning. They did lots at the Christmas service at Ebenezer (where we regularly go). I find that they sound like chanting and make me think of something 'cult'ish. I always sort of wonder what someone, who had never been to church before in their life would think of those readings. Overall it was a positive experience!

- I had to have a chuckle to myself this morning when the pastor handed us a pamphlet before the service called "So you have a Godchild". It reminded me of an episode of the Simpsons when Homer thinks he is terminally ill and the doctor gives him a pamphlet called "So you're going to die" or when Marge finds out she's pregnant and the doctor gives her a pamphlet saying "So you've ruined your life". I know, I know....I am a Simpsons geek.

All in all a nice weekend, and I am looking forward to hitting the lake next weekend :) Here's hoping the good weather sticks around!

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