Sunday, June 22, 2008

Free entertainment

I have taken to reading ads on Kijiji lately. For anyone who might not know, they are a free online classified service. The fact that they are free, there is no editing done to them, and a lot of people have very poor grammar and spelling skills. That in itself has been the cause of some giggles from me. However, there are the occasional ads that make me bust a gut. One day I was reading the 'free' category under pets. I often like to look at the puppies for sale section because I like to see pictures of cute puppies (maybe someday we will get Kiwi her own puppy to play with). One day when I was reading the free ads there was one that went something like this.

"I have a two year old beagle to give away. I am not going to lie, this dog has problems. She has arthritis, and the medication that she needs for that makes it so she can't hold her bladder for any extended length of time. Also you can't leave her alone because she gets anxious and chews and whines." No wonder they are trying to give it away....not sure who might want her, unless you could train it to wear a diaper.

Another ad was offering a free miniature horse. I thought that seemed a little good to be true until I read the actual ad. "Free miniature horse. He is blind but does well if he can follow other animals around. No meat seekers please." I didn't realize that Canadians ate horse meat...

One final ad that I feel is worth a mention was a woman who was selling some off white pillar candles from Ikea. They were from her wedding, and had only been burned for a couple of hours. They might be good for someone else's wedding, she suggested. And the asking price, for 12 partially burned candles....$30! I realize that they might have cost you a few dollars, but give them to friends, use them around the house, donate them to a church. I just don't understand people's need to try and sell things that aren't worth anything. I have often seen items on there that people are selling for $2 or $5, and to me that just doesn't seem worth the effort. At least it provides some free entertainment to me :)

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