Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New Addition

We got a tree today! After weeks of playing phone tag, and dealing with grumpy, negative employees at the only tree moving company in Saskatoon, we got them out to move a tree for us. Friends of ours offered it to us because they figured they had enough trees in their yard without this one, and we were only glad to take it, because if it survives, it will be the biggest tree in our neighbourhood for some time! Amazing what a difference it makes in the look of our yard. And now when I look out the dining room window, I don't look into the dining room window of our neighbour a couple houses down. Here's hoping the tree survives!

In preparation of getting this tree moved we had the power, gas and cable lines marked in the backyard. We decided where we wanted to put the tree, and when the tree mover got to our friend's house this morning and dumped out the dirt from the hole he had dug here, there was a big chunk of cable tv cable :P Obviously, someone missed marking a line. THANKFULLY it was just a cable line, and not a gas or power line!! So now we have no cable, and our tv doesn't have an antenna, so we don't even get peasant vision. We get three channels of sound, and fuzzy picture. However, with the impending shift away from analog channels in 2009 (they keep scrolling a notice across the bottom of the screen on some channels) we have decided that we are probably going to go with Sasktel Max, instead of getting our cable fixed. I think for less than we are paying now, we can get more good channels and less channels we don't want.

This evening, after staking the tree, I was hot and thirsty for a slurpee. I haven't had one since last summer, I think. I used to be an avid slurpee drinker. And it had to be a slurpee brand slurpee. I was quite picky. Well I am not sure where our nearest 7-11 is so I settled for Mac's. I have to say I was very impressed. They probably had about 10-12 flavors and they were good thick flavorful frosty's. I had grape flavor, that was always my favorite. However, my teeth hurt now from the sugary goodness...

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