Friday, April 25, 2008

Puppy school graduate

Here are two of my fave pics that Jay got at puppy class on Wednesday. There were a few from the graduation but the angles weren't quite as good. Check out Jay's blog to see a few more pics of our little star. I am definitely looking forward to taking more obedience classes in the near future.

Last night at the graduation there were all sizes of dogs and all levels of classes there. We stopped and watched the super advanced class when we were done our graduation. It was amazing to watch this one dog obey with words and hand signals, to pick out a dumbell with his owner's scent on it out of a pile of other dumbells, jump over hurdles with hand signals and to run away and stop and stand perfectly still for examination when someone else came in and poked and prodded him. I would like that to be Kiwi in a few years. We'll see how far we want to take this, but it is a lot of fun for me and for her. She had quite the fun time playing with Chaos (Jack Russell terrier in her class) last night and it almost made me think we should get another dog for Kiwi to play with. We'll see how we handle the first year or so with one dog before we decide to get another. For now, obedience classes and off leash park will have to suffice.

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