Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The power of suggestion?

I went to Staples today to buy some receipt books for work. When I was at the checkout paying, the cashier who was helping me (her name tag said she was a manager) asked me if I found everything I needed. I said that I did. Then she asked me if I needed any pens to fill out my receipts. Uh....I think if I needed pens I would have picked some up. It is Staples after all. They have a WHOLE aisle of pens. Not like I wouldn't have found them if I had needed some.....

This made me think of a couple of times that I went to the new Tim Horton's over by our place. I bought SIX donuts and they asked me if they were to have in or to go. I don't normally sit down and eat six donuts on my own, but maybe next time I will :P

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