Saturday, April 19, 2008

I can't believe we have already done six puppy classes! We have one more review class on Wednesday night then Thursday is graduation. If anyone is interested in coming to watch our very smart little puppy graduate, you are more than welcome. There will be food involved....and I don't just mean wieners for the puppies!

Kiwi has really come a long way with her social skills with other dogs. She was playing quite freely with dogs who were 3 or 4 times her size and even with the one puppy who is sort of cranky and doesn't know how to play so she just growls and barks at all the other dogs. I had her out to the off-leash park by us earlier this week and she just LOVED it. She wasn't too sure at first, and was a little overwhelmed by the big dogs who like to sniff and lick her, but she loves to run out there. I think we might be spending some good time there until we get our yard fenced in. One of the other puppy owners in our class commented today that Kiwi looks like a jackrabbit when she runs, and I think they are right. She is a VERY fast runner and has long back legs. Our little bunny :) We'll add that to her lengthening list of nicknames!

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