Monday, May 15, 2006


Today I got invited out for coffee by an 83 year old lady at work. The same lady who sold me perogies and carrots last October. I felt kind of bad because I had to make up a story to let her down easy. It is against our association policies to have a relationship with our clients outside of work. Of course that doesn't include people who were friends with me before we started our therapeutic relationship. She is a pretty lonely old lady, and I think she is depressed, and I felt kind of bad turning her down, but it just wouldn't have been appropriate.

Prison Break season finale is on tonight. I am excited, not that the season is over, but that we get to see what happens now that they are on the outside. I predict that everyone will either get caught or killed, other than Michael and Lincoln, and they will get away, find the hidden money and they will run away to Mexico with Veronica and the Doctor and live happily ever after. That should bring it up to one more season, and I think that would keep me pretty happy.

This is a week of many season finales and I just can't believe how much TV that I have gotten into watching. The Amazing Race 2 hour finale is on Wednesday (still rooting for the hippies), then last night was Survivor (not to thrilled with Aras winning), Thursday night is CSI (I wonder if Brass will make it?!) and ER (the preview looked pretty exciting). After this week all that's left is 24, which hasn't really thrilled me lately, but I can't wait to see the weiner president get his :P

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