Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Pitter-Patter of Little Feet

Last night our house was alive with the pitter-patter of some little feet. We have our small group Bible study on Mondays and being that this was the first time that little Spencer (in the picture above) had joined us for our Bible study, we just ate donuts and visited with eachother. Kianna and Jacob were also over. Our house was just ringing with the delighted squeals of little people who find so much joy in clinking glasses and saying cheers, and claiming kitchen chairs as their own ("my chair, my chair, my chair"). I am definitely not ready for motherhood, but I don't feel quite AS opposed to the idea as I used to. It's so amazing to watch these children grow and change. I can't believe what little people Kianna and Jacob have become. Makes me wonder what Spencer will look like and be like. I also look forward to the birth of my second nephew this July (that's coming up quickly, 1 1/2 months!! wow!). Life changes so quickly :)

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