Tuesday, April 18, 2006

You've probably heard on the news about the evacuation of the Red Earth First Nation due to flooding from the Carrot River. Not that the flooding is funny, but it kind of makes me laugh to think of the Carrot River. My dad is from the town of Carrot River and any time I have seen that "river" I don't even know if I would classify it as a stream, more like a creek or a trickle... I particularily remember when I was about 10 years old and we went exploring at the shale wall next to the Carrot River where they had found a prehistoric alligator skeleton. It was neat to see the shale wall, but we went wading through the Carrot River which was no wider than our kitchen table and no deeper than about calf deep. Amazing how much that can change. One thing I particularily remember about that day was mom getting a leech on her foot and doing a little dance until it fell off, hehe. Luckily it hadn't latched on too well yet.

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