Thursday, April 13, 2006

I have been keeping fairly busy at work. Last week I had 13 clients and this week I have 11 and it's only a 4 day week! Haven't had a lot new to say. Last night we had mom and dad over for supper. We tried out a new recipe. I got it from a lady at work. It was crockpot lasagne. It was so good that I honestly don't think that I will ever make lasagne the other way again. Unless of course I need to feed more people. Because a 3 quart pot of the stuff fed four of us. And we all have fairly healthy appetites, but if you wanted to feed more you would probably need more lasagne. It tasted just like regular lasagne except for no layers. I think the only thing I missed about traditional lasagne was the layer of cheese on top. But this had cheese melted right into it, so it tasted cheesy all the way through. mmmm it sure was good!!

This Saturday our Bible study group is taking part in a service project for our 40 days of community campaigne. We decided to go hang out with the seniors at a special care home. I think it will be interesting because in my experience, seniors always have such interesting stories to tell. Though we heard that a lot of the people that we will be visiting have dementia, I am sure it will be a blessing to go and visit and bring cookies to these people.

Yesterday I had a break at work so I decided to go out and do a little shopping. Since I need to make some cookies, and our hand mixer broke down on us when I was doing Christmas baking, I bought us a new hand mixer and some cooling racks. Then I headed over to check out Old Navy because I still have some gift certificate left from my birthday and Christmas. I would like some nice casual khaki capri pants, but they just didn't have any I liked at Old Navy. I will keep looking. Then I decided to head over to Mark's Work Wearhouse to have a peek at their clothes. I have always kind of wanted a jean jacket, and it has been time to retire my fleece jacket for a couple of years already. I tried one on at Old Navy and it just didn't fit properly, but there was one at Marks that I liked. Now I try not to be an impulsive buyer, especially since I am married and Jason and I share our finances. So I left without the jacket...and I told Jason about it and he told me I should have bought it. Maybe I will go back and buy it today. I have always wanted one, and now that they are kind of in style again I think I'll go get it. I think it would get put to good use.

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