Sunday, February 26, 2006

Fishing Report

We are home from Swift Current. The weather was just lovely yesterday for a few hours of fishing. I more than quadrupled my tally from my entire lifetime of fishing. I believe I probably caught about 20 fish yesterday. I lost count after about the first five, but I can tell you that Jason caught 34 and tried and tried for that 35th one and just couldn't get it. I can't believe how hard the fish were biting. I even figured out how to take the fish off of my hook, so that my father-in-law could actually do some fishing, not just take fish off of Jason and my hooks. Right after taking a break for lunch I threw my hook in and within about 5 minutes I had caught about 4 fish. I wonder if they weren't all the same one because I kept throwing them back because they were pretty small. I again enjoyed using my father-in-law's underwater camera for watching and catching the fish. There was a couple of times that the fish bit my hook before I even could pick it up off the bottom of the lake. Crazy fish! At the end of the day we took home 26 perch and cooked them all up for supper for the 4 of us. There was a PILE of fish, and we ate lots and there was a PILE leftover! It was super tasty :)

An exciting tidbit of information. My parents have quit smoking. They have tried and failed many times, but this time they are very gung ho about it. They even flushed half a can of tobacco and a package of rolled cigarettes down the toilet to get rid of it. Usually my dad would just hang onto it because he quote "felt it was easier to quit with some in the house"...yeah right :P They are using the nicotine patch to help them quit and I really hope that this is it. They both smoke a lot, and my mom has quit in the past and restarted but I think right now is the longest that dad has ever quit for (they quit on Thursday). Please pray for them as they really need to do this because they just CANNOT afford it and it is so bad for their health (not to mention the health of everyone around them).

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