Tuesday, November 08, 2005

A neat opportunity

Today when I was at work, the elevator stopped working in the building that I work in. It has happened many a time before, however today, there happened to be a gentleman in a wheelchair who had just happened to decide to come downstairs for coffee before the elevator gave out. So him and his friend poked their heads in the door of my office and asked if I had time to squeeze him in because he really had nothing better to do until the elevator people fixed the elevator (they estimated it would be at least an hour). It just happened that I had a half hour slot open at that time, so I squeezed him in. While he was filling out his case history form, the building manager called and said that if I could squeeze him in, that they would pay for him to have a massage. So it worked out pretty well for all of us. I treated him and we chatted a little. I asked him about why he was in a wheelchair, and he told me his story. I told him a bit about Jay's accident and it turned out that they both have very similar levels of injury and function. I thought it was a neat opportunity because I am sure that if I had never met Jay that I probably would have been quite nervous about treating this man, but because of what I know first hand about quadriplegia I was as comfortable as could be.

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