Monday, July 22, 2013

West Coast Vacation - Seattle Day 4

Our last day in Seattle was the one that Jay was looking forward to the most, out of our whole holiday, I believe.  Initially, we had planned our holiday so that we could be in Seattle so we could attend Chase Jarvis Live.  It is an online broadcast that takes place about once/month, put on by one of Jay's favorite photographers, Chase Jarvis.  We were disappointed to learn that the broadcast had to be rescheduled, and would not take place while we were in Seattle.  We found this out before we left for our holiday.  However, the staff at the studio still invited us to come and meet them, and see the studio and even offered to feed us lunch.  On Tuesday we headed over there just before lunch time.

Everyone at the studio was so friendly, and they had this awesome barbecue lunch for us.  Jay was so thrilled to see the studio, and to meet the people he had seen on Chase Jarvis Live.  We also got to meet Chase's wife, Kate, who was really nice.  We spent a very nice hour and a half at the studio, and both really enjoyed ourselves.

 (The studio had lots of nice natural light.  And they opened up the big garage door and it was such a lovely day.  And they don't have to worry about bugs coming in.  It was so nice!)
 (Waiting for the sausages to be bbqed for lunch.)
 (Chase Jarvis staff with one happy Jason)

 (A couple of shots of the studio.  It was a nice place!)

 After we were done we headed down to Seattle Center to check out Chihuly Garden and Glass.  Seattle Centre is a large area downtown where the Space Needle is.  It has a number of museums and other sights to see as well.  We didn't wander around too much, but we did check out the glass museum and really enjoyed it.  It is a number of displays of hand made glass sculptures made by Dale Chihuly.  There are indoor galleries that are beautifully lit, to really accentuate the detailed glass, and there is an outdoor, garden portion, which was neat as well.

 (Unique sculpture next to where we parked.)

 (Amazing hand made glass sculpture.  It musth ave been at least 10-15 feet tall.)

 (This room was so pretty.  The colourful glass in the ceiling, with lights shone through made the prettiest colourful light in that room.)

 (Such intricate detail.)

 (I stood next to this one to give some perspective on how large these chandeliers are.)
 (These bowls had such neat, swirled colour that almost looked like glowing lava.  Initially I thought that the light was inside the bowl, shining through, but in fact it was a spot light on the ceiling that made it glow.)

 (Got a shot of a bee!)
 (Such a nice contrast of colours.  The black part was all these little plants with black leaves.)
 (I photobombed Jay when he was taking a picture, haha)
 (The green thing was also a glass sculpture!  Almost looked like a plant.)
 (This sculpture made me think of rock candy.)
 (This building was the EMP museum.  I believe it is a music and pop culture museum.  Very unique looking.  We didn't go inside.)

After we were done here, we headed back toward our hotel.  We decided to try one more restaurant on the quaint little street in Kirkland where we had eaten at Cactus, Cafe Rococo, and this evening we went to a Thai restaurant called Lai Thai.  Jay enjoyed a nice curry and I had some pad thai.  It was a delicious way to bring an end to our time in Seattle/Kirkland.  
 (We noticed this condo building on Lake Washington on our way to supper and thought it was neat.)
(Supper at Lai Thai in Kirkland.)

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