Friday, July 19, 2013

West Coast Vacation - Seattle Day 2

This day, may have been our least exciting day.  When we decided to head down to the States, I knew that I wanted to check out some malls and do some shopping.  I also wanted to check out a grocery store or two.  We decided on our second day in Seattle, which was a Sunday, to do some shopping.  We got up and headed to Costco in Kirkland, which was not too far from our hotel.  I wouldn't say there was too much that leapt out at us, except when we first walked in the door, right to the left was a display of Kirkland brand vodka and wine.  This was the first time we had seen booze in a non-liquor store.  It felt like a bit of a novelty.  I was curious how things would be different down there.  It wasn't really all that different.  There were a few things that were cheaper, food-wise, and the alcohol was less expensive.  We had a good look around and only ended up buying Velveeta 'cheese' (I say 'cheese' because apparently in the States it does not need to be refrigerated) and some washcloths.  The Velveeta was $11 for two 2lb packages.  Up here you would pay probably $10 for one package.  So we decided to bring some back. 

I had read about another outlet mall south of Seattle called Supermall.  It sounded like it had a few good store options, so we headed down there.  It was straight down the 405 to Auburn, WA, and the traffic wasn't too bad on a Sunday morning.  We got there and started looking around and came to the conclusion that mall was not 'super' at all.  It was under a lot of construction and didn't have as many stores as I thought it might.  The food court consisted of four choices, none of which felt too appealing, but we made do.  I ended up getting a pair of jeans, and Jay got a shirt and some new sunglasses at the not-so-Supermall.  When we were done, we checked out a nearby Walmart.  It was neat to see some different things, that we can't get up here.

 (Trying on a coat, that I didn't end up buying, at Burlington Coat Factory.  I remember seeing the cheesy ads on daytime TV.  I wasn't sure what to expect, it felt a lot like a bigger version of Winners.)
 (Walmart in the States, still sells fabric!)

We weren't sure what to do for supper.  Since it was still early, and we didn't see any places near Walmart that we were interested in, so we decided to head to the hotel to figure out a place to go for supper (it would have been so nice to have data access, or even a few more free wi-fi spots in the States!).  I got on Urbanspoon and looked for restaurants near our hotel.  I found one that was a highly rated Mexican place that was not more than about a 10 minute drive from our hotel.  We had a short wait, but it was worth it.  We really enjoyed our supper at Cactus, and I would certainly eat there again if we were in the area.  I had a humungous beef burrito, and Jay enjoyed some enchiladas.  When we were done eating, and already stuffed, the manager came over with free dessert because he had heard that it was our first visit to the restaurant.  We managed to cram some free dessert into our full tummies, and called it a night.

 (Waiting outside, on a quaint little street, in the rain/drizzle, for a table to free up.)

 (Neat decor, with dried peppers hanging from the ceiling.  Also, they brought chips and the most delicious, fresh salsa as we waited for our food, mmm)

 (My humungous burrito.  It was so tasty!  It must have been at least 14 inches long!)

(Jay's seafood enchiladas with beans and rice)
  (We drove along Lake Washington on the way back to our hotel after supper.)

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