Friday, September 21, 2012

Jelly Time

After picking at least 20lbs of tiny crab apples (the biggest ones are the size of a cherry!) yesterday I decided to pick up some basic equipment and try my hand at making jelly.  I wasn't sure how to suspend the jelly bags to let the juice drip from the pulp, but my very smart hubby came up with this rig.  It is some of his photography lighting equipment.  Ingenious!  It works so well, and was so simple that I think I will boil up some more apples later to make some more juice so I can make more jelly in one round.

I was pleased to see the colour of the juice.  I wasn't sure what I was expecting from these very dark red apples, but was happy to see that my jelly will be a nice deep red colour.  I look forward to trying it.  I tasted the juice, just to see how it tastes, and it does taste like apple, very sour apple, but apple.  I think as long as it jells, it will make a fine product!

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