Friday, January 27, 2012

Third Day

There are not too many bands or singers that I would pay money to see.  When I heard that Third Day was coming to Saskatoon, and that tickets were only $30, I could not pass it up!  I have been a fan of theirs for probably about 10 years.  I currently own six of their CDs (the most of any band that I like) and I really do enjoy their music.

Tonight was the concert, and I really enjoyed it.  I am not sure if it is my age showing, but at times it seemed a little too loud.  I was surprised at how much of a rock concert it was.  I know they have some heavier songs, but I often think of them and think of a more acoustic, softer sound.  I was glad to have a good mixture of both soft and rockin' songs.

This song is one that I have listened to many times.  I think the true meaning of it really hit me tonight at the concert and it gained a whole new appreciation for it.

I think this may have been my favorite song of the evening.  Such a great song!

One thing that made me laugh is the second last song of the night.  It was Agnus Dei, for anyone who knows that song....and it is a fairly short song, only a few lines long.  The lead singer of Third Day got the audience singing it and the lights went dim and the audience kept singing, and kept singing and kept singing.  It was a never ending loop.  I think that we were supposed to stop after a couple of times through, but we kept going. As the lights went dim, the band exited the stage and it went totally dark, and the crowd kept singing.  I believe this was to be the 'end' of the concert, at which time they would come back on and do an encore.  So after a minute or two of the audience not stopping singing, Mac Powell came back on stage and sang 'Amen' and finally we stopped.  At which time they did their encore.  Then when the encore was done, people kept calling for an encore, because I don't think they realized that they had sort of blown the effect of the encore by not stopping singing.  Anyway, I had a good chuckle to myself.  Between that, and the guy who was so full of the joy of the Lord he was dancing his little heart out right next to Arleen, it was a great show :)

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