Wednesday, January 04, 2012


I decided a few weeks ago that I would like to go to the new restaurant in Saskatoon for my birthday, Saboroso Brazillian Steakhouse.  I called 2-3 weeks ago to make a reservation and we went this evening.  I have to say that they did an amazing job with the decor in that place.  It has a great feel, and we got to sit next to the open fireplace wall thingy and so we were toasty warm!

We opted to have the all you can eat meat.  The way it works is that you can go get salad/potatoes/veggies/cheese/bread etc from a salad bar type thing, then there are a number of people called gauchos that come around to your table with different offerings of meat on a skewer/sword type deal.  I have to say that all of the meats were quite good.  Some were definitely better than others, and my only big complaint is that everything was really salty.  I think if I went back I would not be shy about asking for slices of meat from the inside of the chunk of meat rather than the outside where all the salt/seasonings are.  They also have roasted pineapple with brown sugar and cinnamon on it that is really good.

It was a good choice for a birthday supper, and I think it would be fun to go back with a group of friends.  However, at $35/person it will not be a regular hangout for us.

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