Monday, December 19, 2011

Giving Knitted Gifts

I have thoroughly enjoyed making and giving gifts to various people this Christmas season already.  I am glad that I have been able to spend less, and put more thought into gifts than I probably ever have before.  I have never been very crafty, but knitting is sure up my alley.  I would like to share a few photos of some of the things I made this fall to give as gifts for Christmas.

This first picture is a hat and mitts that I made for my coworker's baby, Jesse.  I didn't know how big his head was, but took a guess and it fit him quite well.  I was able to give it to my coworker on Friday when we had our Christmas lunch together.  I am happy with how it turned out.  It's an easy pattern that I think I would try again.

Of course had to have a picture of Jesse modelling his new duds :)

This next photo is a coffee cup cozie that I knitted for each of my coworkers.  I was fascinated with the owl cables when I saw this pattern and wanted to try it.  It was a really quick knit, and once I sewed on some button eyes and stitched in some beaks and feet I thought they were pretty cute.  I also gave each of them a gift card for Starbucks so they can try out their cup cozie!

I previously shared photos of the Gryffindor scarf and the Mario hat that I knit for my nephews.  Tonight our family got together to celebrate Christmas, since Jay and I will be heading to Swift Current.  I gave the boys their gifts, and I am glad to say they were happy with them.  Of course they liked the DS games we gave them, but Will was quite thrilled with his hat, and James was happy with his scarf once I told him that it was a Gryffindor scarf.

I made a couple of other gifts that I unfortunately did not get photos of.  I made finger puppets for Aurelia and a cabled hat for my sister's birthday.  I have a couple of projects in mind for the new year.  One, as a baby gift for friends and one is a completely selfish gift for myself.  I am hoping to buy myself some beautiful, luxurious, possibly expensive yarn and make myself a nice knitted hat and possibly a cowl.  However, we will have to see how my arms hold up.  I have not knit in at least a couple of weeks and I don't plan to do any until after Christmas.  Busy weeks at work don't leave much ability to knit without causing some inflammation in my elbows, wrists and hands.

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