Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Miracle of Life

I found out that my coworker is at the hospital, in labour.  When I first heard it I was excited and looked forward to meeting her little guy.  Don't get me wrong, I am still excited to meet him, and still hoping and praying things go well with her labour and delivery.  I have never witnessed a birth, or even been near a woman who was in labour.  All I know is what I have seen on tv...or on educational videos at school.  There is nothing glamorous about it.  But it is miraculous.  Amazing what the body can do to get a baby out of it. 

It sounds like Mieka had a rough night.  She didn't get an epidural until this morning and during the night they gave her some morphine for pain which made her sick.  Nothing like having to deal with vomiting when you are in labour.  Maybe it's more common than I realize...it just sounded especially awful to me.  I hope that things pick up for her, and that before the end of today she will have her long awaited son in her arms. 


Karen said...

I threw up from heartburn during labour with Aurelia. They insisted that I have a pop to keep my energy up. I said.. no way, I'll get heartburn. They said they could give me something for heartburn. They lied. I threw up. Then they insisted I have a popsicle right before I was to start pushing, so I figured I'd be fine. Then I threw up on the operating table in the middle of a c-section.

Definitely NOT glamorous.

With Oliver I think I only threw up AFTER he was born. 7 times in 2 hours. It was touch n go on the operating table though (vomit wise - ha).

But I agree, no idea how common it is. For me it seems like a given though.

Lynette said...

i'd say it's fairly common (from hearing stories from friends, etc), though I did not throw up with either of my labours.