Wednesday, August 17, 2011

All Quiet on the Angie Front

Sorry it has been so quiet around here lately.  I just don't feel like I have much that is worth saying.  I am anxiously awaiting news from my coworker about the birth of her baby.  She was due on Sunday and is very impatient and uncomfortable waiting for the little guy to make his appearance.  It's been a while since a friend has had a baby, so it's sort of fun waiting to hear news of the little one.  I am also anxious to give her the baby blanket.

It has been crazy busy at work the last two weeks.  I am not sure what it is....I think part of it is because Mieka is off on mat leave, so we are covering her regular clients.  But really, I think this week I will maybe treat three of her clients, and in total, I will treat 18 clients if they all show up and no more get booked (though I think I only have one more opening on Friday afternoon for a half hour massage).  I am happy to earn some extra money.  I would say my body seems to be holding up okay, though I really do feel like I could use a massage myself.  I am thankful that so far I only have one regular client of Mieka's that I find is quite physically challenging.  He likes a lot of pressure, but doesn't like to have elbows used on him.  So by the time I am done treating him, my fingers and thumbs are pretty fatigued and sometimes a little sore.

After seeing my thyroid doctor in July and being told to cut back the doseage of my medication, after a couple of weeks (while we were on holidays) I started to feel some symptoms that I was sure were thyroid related.  I didn't want to feel crappy on holidays, so I upped the dose to my previous amount and stayed on that for another week or two.  I then decided that I needed to give it another try.  So about two weeks ago I decided to try again.  I am pretty sure that I am having symptoms.  Nothing too crazy, but I would say that I feel quite hungry and when I get hungry I feel like I need to eat NOW.  I feel like I have been sweating more than usual at work.  I feel fatigued most of the time, not severely, but just never feel really well rested.  I think that frequent urination must be a thyroid symptom, because that seems to be the case.  Occasionally I feel a bit jittery, again nothing too serious, but it just takes me back to how I felt before I was diagnosed with Graves disease and I don't like it.  I decided that I would try to suck it up for another week or two then go for bloodwork and I would hope by then if my hormone levels are abnormal that I would get a call from the doctor and get further instruction.  I go back to see the thyroid doc for a follow up in October, but I don't want things to get too out of whack.  I also think that my goiter might be a bit bigger....but maybe that's just my imagination.   

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