Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day Trip

This weekend, we are taking a day trip out to Emma and Christopher lakes to visit some friends and family.  I am excited to go!  We don't often take day trips....and honestly, I don't know if there is much around here that is worth day trip-ing to see, or maybe I am just uninformed.  I was thinking if it is going to be as nice as they are saying that it might be fun to take a bathing suit along, just in case :)

I always get this amazing excited feeling when I turn off the highway to go through Christopher Lake and as I approach the Camp Kadesh sign I get butterflies in my stomach.  Just so many great memories and times spent at that place.  Hopefully it doesn't pour rain like it did last time we were there.  I look forward to visiting with Arleen and Arlen!  It will also be fun to visit with Jason's aunt Doreen at Emma Lake.  We haven't seen her in ages!