Saturday, July 23, 2011

Adorable knitting!

Before our holidays I stopped in at Walmart to pick up some snacks for our trip and meandered over to the yarn aisle.  I don't know why I go look so often.  Walmart's selection is not spectacular, and it really seems like they never restock the things that are sold out.  However, I went to look and found some pretty cheap self striping yarn as well as a ball of blue baby soft yarn on clearance.

I have taken a bit of a shine to knitting baby things.  They are so small and knit up quite quickly.  Not that I have diversified much, but I decided that with the self striping yarn I would make a hat.  I knitted it, and was so happy with the way it turned out, I thought I would try to make some matching booties.  I think they are adorable.  I didn't know how they would turn out, being that the stripes in the yarn are a set width, and I didn't know how the pattern would work with booties, but I think it worked out quite well.  They are so tiny!  Hehe.  I don't know who I will give them to, but I do know enough people who either are having babies, or probably will soon, that I am sure I can use it as a gift for someone in the next few months.  I still have some of the self striping yarn left, and had thought about making some little baby mitts to go with it, but I'm not sure yet.


Karen said...

I wish I had a baby, so I could see those every day.


Lyn said...

those are adorable....