Thursday, June 16, 2011

More knitting!

I have been busy knitting a couple of smaller things since I finished working on the baby blanket. I will post pictures of that once I have given it to it's recipient.

The first photo is a little knitted hat with a knitted rose for my friend's daughter for her third birthday. I had the joy of giving it to her this morning and she seemed excited, though maybe a little reluctant to wear it for any length of time. I know it's not really toque season, but I am sure it'll fit her for a while. When I first started it, I thought it would be miles to big, but it actually fit her quite well!

I just wanted to experiment when I found a pattern for how to make a knitted rose.  It turned out really well and I am sure I will try it again.  The only complaint I had was that the knitting for the rose got really tight toward the end, so it was a little bit challenging to finish it.  But I think it had a nice finished result!  I sewed the rose onto a hair clip so that it could be removable from the hat and that worked quite well!

I also decided after finding a cute pattern for puppy slippers that I wanted to make them for my friend's son.  I did some modifications because the pattern I found was supposed to be made with fuzzy/furry yarn and I find it difficult to work with.  I decided to make a gray and black dog, but in the end I think it looks something more like a cross between a puppy and a mouse.  Oh well, I still think they turned out fairly well, and they fit!

I decided to use the leftover grey and black yarn to make my dad a pair of slippers for father's day.  Not puppy/mouse slippers, just a simple pattern for knit slippers that reminds me a little of ones that my grandma may have made years ago.  I finished one slipper and have the second one about half done.  I think I am going to run out of gray...d'oh!  Maybe I will buy another ball of grey yarn and make another pair of puppy slippers for someone.  I also was thinking of making a baby hat with the leftover yarn from the baby blanket to go with the blanket.  We'll see how I am feeling after all this.  My arms are feeling a little stiff/sore after so much knitting in the last week or two!


Jason said...

Hokie Dina! You went and got talented at that! Might have to enlist you to make some baby stuff (for us, but also for when I do baby shoots and they don't have cute little hats, etc. We'll talk about it later (prices, etc.) Great job.

Angie said...

Thanks! I still feel like I am a rather amateur knitter, just always on the lookout for cute/easy patterns.

The plus side to making baby/kid stuff is that it is small and it doesn't usually take as long as stuff for grown ups. The slippers only took me a day and a half or so of intermittent work. That hat on the other hand, probably took me the better part of a week.

I would love to make stuff for your baby or photos. Just need time. I would at some point like to try making stuffed animals, but I think they are easier to crochet, which I have yet to learn.